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 to finish up the books of 2021.    
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On October 26, 2021, the Town of Broadalbin Town Board held their Public Hearing on the 2022 budget.  At the close of the hearing, the budget was unanimously adopted by resolution, and the contract proposal of the Broadalbin-Kennyetto Fire Company for $144,000.00 accepted and signed. It was noted that the Fire Company had been very patient in not raising their request over past years as the Town struggled to restore fund balances.  

The General (Town-wide) Fund increases addressed salaries, many of which had stayed static for over ten years due to shortfalls.  

Town OV (outside Village) increases encompassed a transfer to the Water District, a modest increase to the Veterans and Cemeteries and appropriation of $2,000.00 for a review and revisions to the Town of Broadalbin Comprehensive Plan. 

The Highway Fund increased only $12,380.00 in the 2022 budget adopted; those increases addressing anticipated summer and winter road maintenance and Employee Benefits.

 In the present economy and as forecasted, the Town Board has been very careful to not “over anticipate” those monies we expect to receive in the year 2022.  The budget impact is an increase of two cents per thousand dollars of assessed valuation at $2.73; and falls below the mandated tax cap of 1.0112% for Town of Broadalbin.  

Respectfully, The Town of Broadalbin Town Board 


Town Hall and Transfer Station Closures for the month of November 2021

Veterans Day Thursday Nov 11
Thanksgiving Day  both closed Thursday Nov 25 and Friday Nov 26
General Election is Tuesday November 2, 2021, 6 am - 9 pm.
Propositions on the back of ballot


The Wilkinson Memorial Book Station, as it presently exists, does not in any way, shape, manner or form meet the definition of a public library as set forth in the applicable New York State law regarding the establishment of a public library.

The proposition on the November General Election ballot reflects exactly and precisely the petition language received by the Town of Broadalbin in June 2021.  If approved by the voters, it would send the Town in the direction of taking the steps required by the NYS Board of Regents to establish a certified Town Library.  

The referendum has nothing to do with providing a "home" for the Wilkinson Memorial Book Station, or radically increasing the support it has received in the Town of Broadalbin budget for many decades. That figure will continue to be determined yearly in budget review.

In short, the establishment of a Town Library as requested in the original petition and reflected in the referendum language has nothing to do with the Wilkinson Memorial Book Station.  If approved it will be added to the Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Broadalbin when it undergoes mandatory review and revision in 2022.  Thereafter, and at such time as the Town is financially able to move forward with that item in The Plan, a referendum will be before the voters on levy of taxes for the construction and operation of said entity in the Town.

This statement will be put on the Town of Broadalbin website: townofbroadalbinny.com. , submitted to the Leader Herald official newspaper, and submitted to the Town of Broadalbin Fan page, and Village of Broadalbin fan page on Facebook.

Town of Broadalbin Town Board - October 12, 2021


The Town of Broadalbin announces the schedule for preparation and
Public Hearing of the 2022 Budget

Sept 14 - following the Regular Town Board meeting - outside agencies
Sept 21 - 7:00 pm Department reviews
Sept 28 - 7:00 pm Highway Department
Oct 5  - 7:00 pm Department reviews
Oct 12 - following the Regular Town Board Meeting
Oct 19 - final review of draft budget
Oct 26 - 7:00 pm Public Hearing Town of Broadalbin 2022 Budget
Once called to order, meetings will recess and reconvene until adjourned at the final meeting.
On April 1, 2021 the new Transfer Station Stickers go on sale for $20
THESE STICKERS ARE DUE JUNE 30, 2021. All Town Residents may purchase one by printing the application off of this website, or they will be available on the counter of the Post Office, or call the Town Clerk 518-883-4657 for one to be mailed to you. 

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